Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halifax Harbour

These are the windows in the throwing room. They run the length of the studio.

Sometimes container ships like this go by.

This is what is looks like without the ship in the winter.

On Friday the oil rig on the Dartmouth side got moved into the harbour.

This past summer was the 100th aniversary of the Canadian Navy, so battleships from all over the world were in Halifax.

Sometimes the Navy takes out submarines.

One morning workers came and picked all of the dandelions off of the pier below us.

The day we flew back from Toronto it was so windy we had to land in Dieppe. This is what the harbour looked like.

This is what Georges Island looks like when there is snow,

and sometimes there are rainbows.

Mutliple Listing, the Midterm Studio Show

Erin and Mary, ready for pie.

Plates and pie plates.

It's time for pie.