Tuesday, September 27, 2011

IXL Brick Factory

This stream,

seeped through this burm,

and made this hole in the factory wall.

Water rushed into the plant and came to a stop at the level indicated.

One of the brick extruders.

Tools, furniture, and small machinery are jumbled together in the front.

The electronics were destroyed in the flood, but all machinery is still in place.

Wayne's old office. Charcoal, the factory cat was found floating on a desk the morning after the building flooded, and was safely recused.

The former plant manager, Wayne, brought us on a tour through the factory. Much has been cleaned, but due to cost and lack of a new insurance provider, the plant was ultimately closed and the remaining salable brick is being ground up and removed by landscaping businesses. Pictured here is the cliff directly behind the buildings where the buff burning clay was mined.

One of the drying kilns.

A holding area for cars waiting to be fired.

One of the kilns with cars of disintegrated brick on it.

The factory was filled with similar scenes.

The factory is still in the process of being reclaimed, though it will most likely never produced bricks again. Perhaps the Friends of the Medalta Society with purchase it as a new museum. Things have been left exactly where they were, similar to the Hycroft site, so the pieces are already assembled.