Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day Off

Artvin, Turkey from Svet, 1910

Peruvian Andes, Tom Robinson

Tbilisi Left Bank, 1980

Took the day off yesterday to run errands in the worst driving weather imaginable (Why does Medicine Hat not plow?) and to make an enormous pot of chili. There was also a short nap somewhere in there and maybe some lounging around. I don't take days off a lot and it is way more difficult than I remember it. Feelings of studio related guilt creep up on you as you stand in front of the stove in sweatpants with a beer in your hand. In the end, for a day off, it was more productive than at least a quarter of my working days.

Here are some images of faraway places that seem nicer than here. Eight inches of snow on the first day of spring, on pizza day? This better melt fast.

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