Monday, April 9, 2012

Canada - Clay Today

Here is a new addition to the Medalta Art in Residences Library.

Canada - Clay Today features contemporary works from a variety of ceramic artists across Canada and includes a forward by Susan Jefferies, curator at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto. I noticed this publication not simply because of the objects included, but mainly due to the quotes from the artists.

'My ceramics are about ceramics and definitely not about clay or process. My ceramics are about ceramics per se as art, and art as concept. My vessels are abstractions not containers. My art has nothing to do with self expression.'

Léopold Foulem, Pg. 9

'I've been at this clay thing quite a long time. The other day I asked a close friend of mine, "If you could do anything at this point in your life what would you do?" He thought for a few seconds and responded, "I'd go into my studio and work," "Yep, me too?"'

Robert Archambeau, Pg. 12

'A few years ago I put my thumb on a simple idea that probably took years to filter through my brain...'

Jim Thomson, Pg. 13

'Ideas and styles travel by way of material culture.'

Jeanne Mah, Pg. 23

Image from A+a Design. See what else they've made here:

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