Friday, April 6, 2012

Sedimentary Conglomerates

Inspired by the bentonite oozing out of the formations at Dinosaur Park, I have started to play around with raw bentonite. This particular batch was soaked for a week or so until it reached the delightful and smoothly gelatinous texture only bentonite can achieve, at which time it was dropped into an old saggar (my latest flame in the world of found molds) along with a host of other reclaimed materials. (Including but not limited to Liew's old red stoneware, community class reclaim, and Astrid's test glazes.) This is set up for several days, popped out of the saggar, chopped up, stacked, smooshed back together, and photographed. It will then go on to be set up to leather hard, used as a mold itself, cut up, perhaps used for some other purpose or if it is lucky it will find its way into my next firing. I've been destroying more pieces and reclaiming my reclaim than anything else these past couple months.

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