Monday, April 9, 2012

Works in Progress

Finally managed to get the last piece out of the saggar mold. It took days in front of a fan, a chisel and rubber mallet, patience, plexiglass wedges, and a fair amount of profanity. And I'm really quite satisfied with the results. It might be another two or three weeks until these pieces are ready for the firing due to the fact that they need to be built solid and I'd like to keep some as solid chunks. I've added in a lot of burnout and filler material to help with the weight but these sorts of things don't do much to expedite the drying process. In fact they seem to do the reverse, which helps keep things from cracking apart before they are fired, but there is a definite difference in moisture content between the pieces with ground soft brick (which seems to help drying but it next to impossible to dry without breaking) and shredding documents from the office (which holds the piece together like nothing else, but also holds water with the same enthusiasm).

It's the end of the long weekend but it's all the same to me.

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