Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Media

This is not new media, it's wordplay. Or maybe it is, I suppose blogs would fall under the umbrella of social media and Wikipedia informs me that social media is a form of new media. Sometimes I wonder how much of what I know is actually accurate or even worth knowing at all but I always find myself stumbling back from the precipice of existentialism and landing back in the internet.

At any rate, here are some more things I like and I am thinking about working with fibers when I get to Chicago. Clay and textiles share domestic connotations and it might be a nice challenge to tie this together with some sort of clever yet accessible comparison to politics or the environment or something else people care about. I just need to come up with the clever part and right now I am occupied with plane tickets and the apartment and job search and my ongoing intentions to sit under the sprinkler the superintendent puts out to water the lawn.

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