Monday, September 10, 2012

Case Study

Case Study House #4
designed by Ralph Rapson

Case Study House #8
designed by Charles Eames

Case Study House #11
designed by J. R. Davidson

Case Study House #21
designed by Richard J. Neutra

Case Study House #22
designed by Pierre Koenig

Mid Century Modern architecture and design holds a special place in my mind not necessarily for its beauty, but instead for its solidness in concept. It was a direct reaction to what the realities of a post WWII society in the west needed to recover; housing that was both inexpensive to produce and efficient in terms of construction and materials.

Arts & Architecture Magazine organized for a series of model homes to be constructed, from which people interested in purchase could affordably build their own. The purpose of the project was to express a new type of architecture in line with the new type of society in which the country had entered, and these homes must be depersonalized enough that they would be relatable to a variety of people.

Having just relocated to a city famed for its architecture and ever-widening collection of public art, the idea that the aesthetic and subtle economical utility of the structures surrounding us can directly impacts our psyche has never been more prevalent.

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