Monday, September 24, 2012

September Wrap Up, Part I

Well it's not the end of the month yet so this may seem premature, but having not posted anything about what I've done over the last month I figured it was time. Part I, featuring an angle of my studio and some works in progress, and of course with an abandoned lot in downtown thrown in for good measure. Studio time has been busy with teaching, firing (the only reason I'm writing this at 8:30am) and making things. So far the focus has been recyclable materials as molds for slip casting (I have a lack of a better term, not to be confused with casting slip!) with various bodies that Lillstreet carries in their clay cage and sink traps. The monitors have been kind enough to bag this stuff up for me and leave it in my studio instead of throwing it out. (Yay! Thanks Ike where ever you are!) I've also been producing many pastries to (hopefully!) be sold in the Holiday Sale Extravaganza later this fall!

The project for today comes from styrofoam trays that Cermak sells their reduced price produce in. Why do they need to do this? Why does it need to be wrapped in plastic? Could they not just put a different color sticker on it? These are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night and make me grumpy the next morning when I have to get up early and skip breakfast so I can catch the bus so I don't miss the train. It also leads to me finding things to do with them because honestly I don't know if Chicago recycles styrofoam and they definitely do not in my neighborhood. The best way to rectify this situation is to pour a bunch of slop glaze and slip into it.

At any rate, life it different here, but it is very good! And the heat just turned on!

Which is good because I'm wearing this many sweaters!

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  1. we got a freeze the other night and it was FREEZING...closed the pool for the season...I always like to see your updates and know how proud we are of you and your you