Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Does This Sound Good

jars of artificial flavor

beef foam

barbecue tomato jam and matcha lime emulsion

kabocha coconut milk and sweet curry emulsion

morel icewine emulsion and walnut panko toast

mincemeat caramel and butternut squash emulsion

molecular bruschetta

Having learned today that one of my studio mates used to know the son of the inventor of the Nacho Cheese Flavor I immediately went home to find out how artificial flavors are developed and if I could go ahead and get in on that to make my first million. As usual, I got distracted by looking at pictures of food and ultimately landed back on molecular gastronomy, the strange sibling of what I can only refer to as normal food science(?) Molecular gastronomy utilizes the chemical reactions between foodstuffs, various food additives, and cooking techniques. This is fascinating to me for a variety of reasons, for instance, I can draw some parallels between my ceramic process and this particular subdivision of food science as well as the aesthetic qualities and the way these various delicacies are documented. But what I find particularly fascinating is that people eat these things and are not deterred by the term "beef foam". Maybe I have a narrow mind, but one of the best things about beef is that it's not foamy. Having had the food-texture-as-a-serious-deal-breaker discussion with a variety of people, I once again find it appropriate to reaffirm my declaration that while these are very few tastes I find inedible, when it comes to consistency I have rules. Savory gels are definitely out, as are foams, but if the canned ras malai shared at dinner one night at Medalta is any indication, I suppose I'll eat almost anything once.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

el Bulli

chocolate and feuillantine tuile

coco-choco mosaic

cocoa tuile

crackling arlettes

dentelle of cocoa


emerald profiteroles

mandarin liqueur bonbon

orange button


pain d'ananas

puff pastry web

sablées of praline

tête de noir


The petit fours at el Bulli, a three star Michelin restaurant in Spain. It is also known for molecular gastronomy.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Square Kilometre Array

This will be the largest radio telescope in the world, 50 times more powerful than the current one. It apparently will allow humans to see the universe before stars and galaxies formed. For more information about science visit the website.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Three Ways to Drain a Lake

Owens Lake, California

Located on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Owens Lake is your classic case of a diverted river that should be draining into the basin. Some of the river flow has been released from the Los Angeles Aqueduct so there is some water there now, but for the most part it is hidden underneath a nice crusty layer of salt. The red color apparently is from massive amounts of bacteria, so don't worry, it isn't chemical runoff from the various mines and refineries in the area.

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Lake Peigneur, Lousiana

This particular instance is really a worst case scenario type situation. Oil drilling in a lake over a salt mine seems like a pretty ridiculous way to try to cheat fate and inevitably something was bound to go horribly wrong. The only thing I can find missing from this situation of an oil drill accidentally penetrating a mine shaft creating a massive whirlpool of doom as the salt quickly dissolved in the fresh water is perhaps some sort of SciFi channel type monster that eats the faces of small children.

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Scott Lake, Florida

Situated in the community of Lakeland, Florida, this is actually a case not related to humans. Naturally occurring sinkholes opened in the bed of the lake and it drained over the course of the upcoming days through multiple holes. This is not uncommon in Florida and apparently Lake Jackson drained five times in seven years. Which is nuts. Wikipedia tells me that Scott Lake has been partially refilled since its sudden and unapologetic draining in 2006, but this has not been confirmed since Fox News deleted the reference page. Yes, I'm serious. And this was the Wikipedia page so you know that I am choosing an opportune albeit unimportant issue to give Fox News a hard time about a real issue that is neither fair nor balanced.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ferit Kuyas

Ferit Kuyas takes pictures that are more than reality but not too much.