Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ceramic Recycling Mega-Post

porcelain waste waiting to be recycled in San Jose

Renewed Urban Studio Tent by Andy Walker and Andy Helsey

Broken dishes from school cafeterias in Japan waiting to be ground and mixed with plastic materials. Japanese schools often use ceramic dishes instead of compartmentalized plastic trays as they have been found to improve table manners.

Provincetown, Massachusetts has started a trend of using pottery shards in place of paving gravel in their driveways. This is definitely more cheerful looking!

Recycled China is a design and manufacturing company that uses recycled ceramic materials for architectural design and sculpture, among other projects. Visit their website for more information.

Magic Garden in Philadelphia is not necessarily made of ceramic materials, but it fascinating nonetheless.

The University of Oregon has been recycling their clay and glaze waste and firing into paving bricks for the university campus.

I'll be focusing more specifically on some of these projects in the coming months, but this is a tasting menu (cooking show overload is infiltrating my brain box) of what is going on out there. I recommend reading the articles these images came from, there is some truly inspiring stuff happening. Even an individual recycling their own domestic waste gives us a leg up on where we may be otherwise. This has never been more prevalent to me than it is now as I am living in a neighborhood with no recycling pick up program, in a state that does not take bottle refunds. For such a large and artistically cultural city this is simply flabbergasting, and it does put a lot more pressure on the individual (especially those of us without vehicles) to take initiative in making sure we are doing our part. It is work, but it is worth it.

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