Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tipped Ship and Mars

Another cruise ship ran aground in the Mediterranean. Perhaps it is the fact that I am growing up and becoming more aware of things happening in the world, but I must say that this ship-aground business seems to happen with marked frequency.

In other news, Mars continues to exist. I'm interested in this because the Mars Rover, Curiosity, has managed to take a series of photos that have been combined into an adorable self portrait. And I also wonder how much clay from Mars would cost. I assume there must be clay on Mars.

Also I am rereading Ray Brabury's The Martian Chronicles in an effort to watch less television so I don't sound so dumb and shit when I say stuff.

Although cooking shows and Downton Abbey certainly aren't the worst. Frankly, after watching so many seasons of Chopped I have the confidence to make a tasty meal out of almost anything.


1 comment:

  1. Apparently there's lots of clay on Mars
    I'm now interested in trying to calculate how much it would cost to move clay from there back to here.