Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cups and Mugs


Adam Whatley

Brett Freund

Brittany Petersen

Ellen Moses

Jacob Raeder

Leanne McClurb Cambric

Noel Bailey

Paige Wright

Peter Beasecker

Ronan Peterson

from Nice Cup, Bro!

Monday, January 28, 2013


About four years ago I clipped an article from Ceramics Monthly titled "Legitimizing the Ashtray" and have been carrying in my notebook ever since. The article was published during the 80s, but I believe it is still applicable to ceramics today insofar as that I am creating a body of work reacting to this article.

The article was justifying the ashtray as a piece of ceramic art. Due to my constant distain of the institution needing to define a hierarchy between craft, design, and art, as well as my simultaneous perpetuation of this hierarchy (most obviously when I get pissed off at hobbyists for calling themselves artists. you have not made the sacrifices the rest of us have to make your living (lol) off of this insanity. I digress) I must make a point to say that I would still quantify an ashtray as craft. That being said, I am turning them into functional sculptures. Very soon I will update my website with the statement to more fully explain this but that is waiting until I take pictures of the pieces that accompany the statement and that won't be for another week or two.

Above are images of ash trays, cheese trays, potpourri dishes, and candy dishes that got me excited enough about thrift store findings to make my own. Chicago residents should stay tuned because at the end of the year I will almost definitely need to pack back into two suitcases and give my current cash flow situation I don't anticipate a lot of things being shipped to my next destination. So I'm probably going to leave a lot of things I made at the thrift store, thus completing the cycle of ridiculousness that is this year of my life. After that I will immediately start again in a new place, as one does.

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