Sunday, January 20, 2013

Written In Stone, Seen Through My Lens

"Geology is all around us, scarcely thought of as we go about our lives. Yet, it affects everything we do as a civilization, as a society and as individuals. While barely appearing to change from day to day, it works to alter the course of evolution. Preserving a record of creatures and landscapes both ancient and forgotten, the story of our past is written in stone and waiting to be read. I offer a view of how I see our world and its inhabitants, both past and present, as seen through my lens."

from the blog of Dr. Jack Share

Not only does this statement coincide perfectly with the first paragraph of my artist statement, but it was written by this man:

He speaketh the truth.

I have been following his blog for a while now if, like me, you enjoy geology and the fact that other people enjoy geology enough to write a whole blog about it then you should go check it out. Dr. Shares (apt surname for a blogger, may I add) travels around and takes photos of awesome stuff and writes very detailed posts making this a refreshing change of pace from your average Tumblr of artsy pics from some place (re: the page you are on right now, only this happens to be blogger)

All images in this post were gathered from Written in Stone, Seen Through My Lens and are truly a spectacular example of why is should spend more time hiking and being resourceful less time complaining about how poor I am.

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  1. Just chanced upon your blog. Very nice! And thanks for your kind words and visiting Written In Stone. Jack