Saturday, April 13, 2013

Oil Spills

Campos Basin Spill
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Exxon Pipeline Spill
Mayflower, Arkansas

Red Butte Creek Spill

Rena Spill
New Zealand

Xingag Harbor Spill
Dailan, China

Oil spills came back into focus for me when I read about the pipeline spill in Mayflower, Arkansas and the way in which the media was discouraged from talking about it. While there are definitely many important news stories to report, oil spills have repeatedly been an environmental issue far and beyond what I had thought. And while this is tragic, it does make me start to consider the new normal and how this ultimately ties into my artistic process. By setting myself the goal of creating objects that speak to a broad range of American culture I must consider what is seen as normal and expected, what is perceived as truthful even in the event that the observer only sees it through photographs or video, and how the visual and auditory experience can be manipulated.

Apart from the ethical issue of seeing these photos as beautiful, I can't help but imagine them made of a ceramic waste and glazes combined together as a functional sculpture.

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