Monday, July 22, 2013

Jackson Park

Friday brought a very, very much needed day off and a trip to Woodlawn and Jackson Park. Of course I took many pictures of various algae and mosses, as well as a sizable dead bug that floated by. We also enjoyed catfish and fries, eating mulberries out of the trees like bears, and an impressive show of lightening bugs (for the city, that is). I'll definitely be revisiting since it is by far the best place I've been in Chicago and is only about 40 minutes away from home. Almost like not being in the city! Very nice lakefront area at Promontory Point and a small swimming beach. Highly recommended, and as review on Google aptly says: "Great views and hood vibes!"

Also $4.19 for a sixer at the Liquor and Beauty Depot doesn't hurt.

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