Saturday, August 17, 2013


I have arrived at Archie Bray, many thanks to the amazing Erik Zohn for being the Hoke to my Miss Daisy. (His words) At any rate, all materials, ceramics, foods, people, and cats arrived without incident in Helena and I am now sitting in my studio writing this instead of working. I will take photos of probably everything except the stuff that would make sense to photograph. I will not discover this until I am on the drive to Philly, I can assure you. Also, I will be better about blogging. Not promises, I have a lot to do with a possible show in Missoula coming up in 5.5 weeks.

For those of you who are wondering what I will be doing with my time in the studio here at the Bray I would say to you that I am making sets of boxes, jars, dessert plates, cordial glasses, etc. for snack foods based on architectural forms seen from the roads of middle America. Key terms include: nostalgia, tradition, and Hostess snack cakes. More smarter (grammer?) statement to follow in the coming days.

Otherwise I'll probably be kicking it in nature and drinking beer. The above photo is of a farm somewhere between Helena and Missoula with some very inspirational forms.

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