Friday, August 30, 2013


I'm getting behind in photographing my studio again so here is an interlude covering the space of South Dakota to Missoula. For some reason I did not take any photos of Iowa, even though it was extremely influential in terms of Aha! moments. Ideally when I would show this work it would be on a center table and three side tables that would carry the pieces and there would be an accompanying tablecloth and runner set reminiscent of those play mats with farm and cities and roads on them. I won't be able to pull that off for this next show (opening October 4th at Frontier Space in Missoula!) but in the future since I will be in the wonderfully crafty Philadelphia I am sure that I can pull it together.

At any rate, these pictures were taken from a moving vehicle so apologies for the blurriness. I omitted the ones with bug stains if that makes it any better.

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