Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weird Science, Part I

Lately I have been working with less sink sludge and more reclaimed clays. The stained bodies you see are from the piles behind Bray Clay and the iron body is a conglomerate of porcelain from Adam Field and earthenware from Ben Carter that in combination will make a nice toasty cone 6 body. After working with the sludge for so long it was so enjoyable to work with plastic clays! While I can make the sludge into a more workable material with repeated wedging, it still can really only be pinched and coiled as it is far too short for slabwork or throwing.

By Tuesday I will have my first bisque out and the week of glazing will begin. While I did bring a lot of glaze with me, I still do need to batch a nice satin matte base for the first glaze firing. A lot of it will also be done in underglaze since the clay biz was having a 45% off and buy one get one sale on Duncan underglaze. (I do allow myself to buy manufactured materials if they are really cheap!)

In the next few days I'll post some more information about the mixes of glaze and clay I've been making and a little bit about making your own coarse grog from waste. In the meantime, back to the studio to make farm houses and silo and finish up the last round of irrigation circle plates and swimming pool dessert bowls.

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