Thursday, August 22, 2013


These are the tools I use most often in my work:

Metal ribs, Mainly for scraping to even surfaces and expose marbling, but also for cutting interior angles,
Wooden modeling tools, for contouring angles,
Utility knife and Xacto blade, cutting straight lines,
Loop tools, for trimming the interior of lidded vessels,
Trimming tool, which works wonderfully as a tiny paddle, the
Needle tool that is used on hollow knobs and for trimming molds, a
Cheese slicer for corners, the
Wooden paddle to form planes, and the
Scoring tool for scoring.

While there are a multitude of other tools I have for very specific uses, these are the ones I can't go a day without. Eventually I will attempt to explain my glazing process, which is eerily similar to mixing paint except I have to guess how it will turn out. It gets crazy.

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