Thursday, September 19, 2013

Getting in Shape

This post bring an end to an unforeseen blog hiatus. A lot of things got paced into the last week including but not limited to a trip to Missoula and eating amazing pizza baked in a giant head of garlic, another round of piece building, the discovery of a large amount of cadmium red stain I didn't know I had, and a span of five days without a computer due to a broken charging port mixed with a pack rat biting through my AC adapter.

Now I am faced with the task of 04 glazing my first round of pieces and despite my previous post sounding very confident about this I am in fact feeling a bit lost. Too many things on the brain leads to complete creative confusion. Hopefully in the next week I will have all my info for the show ready, have found somewhere I can tentatively live in Philly, which is by far the largest source of stress in my life, and have a nice kilnful of sweet looking stuff. They say eating well and exercising improves one's mood and clears the mind, but I find this only works in the event that you aren't employed (word choice?) as a ceramic artist and are already predisposed to bouts of mania and depression. I've been told this is an asset in my line of work and I don't disagree, however, it's more a matter of learning to control the excess emotional energy into something productive than to sit and ponder the fact you are different and isn't that great? Immediately after writing that last sentence I realize that it is true so now I am going back to work as the night is young and has lots of ideas left in it.

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