Tuesday, October 15, 2013


In the theme of small houses I've put up some architectural models. On my way Philadelphia I stopped to stay with some awesome friends in Omaha, two of whom work for Jun Kaneko and the other runs the 3D printer for BGSU. Since Kaneko recently opened up his new space ("Kaneko") I figured that I should swing by check it out since who knows when I'll be in Omaha next, right? This also marks the only point that got lost during my travels. This is Omaha we're talking about so the space is pretty huge. Part of it was occupied by a show that, I'll admit, I did not peruse any of the information for. I was on a tight schedule and I'd slept in after my marathon 16 hour/1200 mile drive the day before. However, the exhibit did include a couple of pretty sweet architectural models that I got excited about and forgot to take pictures of. I'll upload some photos of my favorite part of the exhibition, Jun's smaller work on the second floor, in a few days but right now I have to finish wolfing down this bagel and go apply for some jobs.

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