Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Studio

It's definitely a work in progress, but this is my new space at The Clay Studio! When I got here I only had the wooden shelves and the bench, but luckily a couple of my studio mates had some extra tables so now I have two small ones I can work on. My stool was waaaaay too tall to sit on and work so I'll be using it more as a sculpture stand. Until I get a proper stool I'm using the bench with a box of porcelain on it. This also doubles as my wedging table and, with a board on top of the clay box, a place to throw slabs. I was able to get some milk crates from a bookstore down the street and once I get some zip ties I'll have some more shelving. In the mean time I'm storing all my greenware on the floor amidst boxes of molds, piles of bubble wrap and sheets of plastic and half used bags of clay. I really need to figure this out soon because I tend a tendency to make things quickly and soon I'll run out of floor space that I don't need for walking and standing and staring at stuff.

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