Wednesday, December 11, 2013

04 Surfaces

A few days ago I unloaded my first 04 kiln with the new glaze palette. I'm definitely pleased with a fair amount of the work and I'll hopefully get around to photographing it properly early in January. In the mean time, here are some the more detailed surfaces. In other words this means they are the ones that aren't food safe and are the most chromatic. I'm still missing a few glazes from my ideal range but this comes with time, testing, and patience. The latter of which was quite limited today. I don't want to turn this blog into a bitch-fest about working the service industry but for real, some days customers are so goddamn ridiculous. Quick example, one of the less agonizing interactions of this sort today:

C: "I want a chai latte!!"
J: "Ok, sir, what size?"
J: "What size chai latte?"
J: "Yes, what size would you like that in? This is our medium." (holds up grande cup)
C: "Whatever." (throws credit card on counter instead of in my outstretched hand and rolls eyes)

So today I only worked in the studio for a short time before I grew weary of waiting for things to dry in molds. I then purchased a bottle of wine and biked home. Tomorrow is a new day and I only work 4:30am - 10am. You read that correctly.

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