Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Glazes

Working full time in Coffee Land and as many hours as I can in the studio has meant that my blog has fallen very far down on my list of priorities. Since many of my shifts start at 4:30am, I now go to bed by 10:00pm and this greatly cuts into the hours that I normally use to troll the internet for interesting things, edit photos (that I haven't been taking anyway) and generally fiddle about with Blogger.

However I am happily in the midst of redoing my glaze palette. (Yet again, I can't help myself! I just love glaze, even the mixing and testing.) Tomorrow I'll be loading a kiln with the first round of new pieces from here in Philly and I'm very excited! These are pictures of some of the new surfaces. Admittedly test tiles are not the best indication of the true nature of glaze, but as I always tell my students, the tiles are made in the same way as my pieces and the glazes applied in the same manner of brushing so hopefully it's pretty close. This is the first time since my BFA that I've actually tested the new recipes before applying them to the pieces. I couldn't really explain why I did it, maybe having a real job has made me want to act more properly in all areas of my life. Or not, since I've taken to rebelling in small ways. If I have to wear uniform clothing that's fine since I will be getting health AND dental insurance, but then I find myself wearing blue mascara so here we are.

At any rate, I look forward to tomorrow as I have the day off and can sleep in, take a shower and not immediately go back to smelling like coffee, and then have a nice leisurely bike ride to the studio where I'll set up my new shelves and organize my studio. It's reached a point now that I am glazing and can no longer tumble stack my bisqueware all over the floor that I either had to break down and buy some shelving or just stop doing stuff in my studio. It's going to be great, I'll have some much more floor space to make a mess of!

I'm going to make a half-hearted attempt to be better about blogging but probably not until the new year so don't get all excited, or whatever. Stay tuned for subsidized housing garlic boxes, pit mine candy dishes, and oil refinery candle holders.

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