Friday, March 14, 2014

NCECA 2014

Tomorrow I will be hitting the road for NCECA. A bit early, you might be thinking, but as Chase Folsom and I are in charge of driving the truck full of the 40th Anniversary show for The Clay Studio, amongst other responsibilities, we need a bit of a head start. Also, we have a lot of snacks that represent all important food groups. (Such as beef jerky, dried cherries, and yogurt pretzels.) I love snacks. I'm really looking forward to it! (Not just snacks!) This is also the first time I have exhibited work at NCECA so I am pretty psyched. I will have some pieces in with The Clay Studio and with Archie Bray, and I will also be participating in a panel discussion about urban residencies with Chase Folsom (The Clay Studio) and Joe Kraft (Lillstreet Art Center). So if anyone is interested in hearing about how we Tim Gunn that shit, we will be presenting in room 102 A-C on Thursday at 5:15. We are good talkers. Stop by before happy hour!

Above are a few surface shots of the greens in my pieces. I'm not one to whine much about weather, but after a brief and tantalizing taste of spring last weekend I need more of that type of temperature and general cheer. Seriously.

No sharing of full shots yet, you'll have to go see them in person! I'll be updating my website and re-spiffying it up again in the next month so if you can't make it to NCECA you can still see the stuff I've been making.